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Dr. Robert Lustig gets into the kitchen and shows us how to heal fatty liver and metabolic syndrome

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Veröffentlicht auf 08/05/22 / Im Komödie

This video is about how Dr. Robert Lustig gets into the kitchen and shows us how to heal fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome by cooking well in the kitchen. He says that we must protect the liver and feed the gut, but what does that mean? How can we translate the knowledge into real life actionable steps? Fresh, alive, and vibrant foods (real foods) that have fiber are the best foods to reverse fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome. It is not always easy to choose more nutritious foods every time, but when you just start with cooking more, then you are off to a good start.
In this video you will learn how to make stuffed salmon, stuffed bell peppers, roasted vegetables, and polenta. It's a most wonderfully delicious way to heal your body and it only takes 10 days for noticable changes in your labs. The power is in your hands to take back control of your health, reverse fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome.
Many people are not sure what to do or think it will be hard and expensive, but you will learn some easy; simple, tasty, quick, and inexpensive ways to get your health back and give the body what it needs to heal. 10-20% of Americans have non-alcoholic fatty liver syndrome, something that only elderly alcoholic people got. But in today's society, children who are drinking and eating too much added sugar are developing fatty liver too. But it can be reversed. We can begin to reverse fatty liver in just 10 days by getting rid of added sugars (especially in drinks) and really focusing on eating real food that we make in the home.

I support women over 40 who have been struggling with dieting for way too long (decades) heal their relationship with food and body image so they can get on with living because every woman deserves to feel comfortable and confident in her body!

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