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How environmental chemicals are making us sick & fat (Dr. Rob Lustig & Dr. Casey Means)

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Veröffentlicht auf 08/05/22 / Im Komödie

Landmark new research published by Dr. Rob Lustig and dozens of other scientists shows us for the first time the intricate mechanisms of how environmental chemicals directly cause obesity, uncovering the latest research on this class of chemicals called obesogens. In this conversation between Dr. Rob Lustig and Dr. Casey Means, they discuss what products and environmental toxins we need to be aware of, how they are impacting our cells and causing metabolic dysfunction, and what we can do to protect ourselves. Dr. Lustig speaks to how these environmental toxins affect our sex cells (sperm and eggs) and can impact our offspring and many generations to come. He also discusses how 15% of obesity may be directly caused by these chemicals.

00:00 - Intro
06:31 - It’s not just correlative, it’s causative
09:22 - Obesogens bind to our cell proteins
10:08 - Everyday products contain obesogens
13:11- Babies and children are the most vulnerable
23:11 - Obesogens stick around even after being banned
30:51 - Food is more than calories
41:45 - Obesogens are unregulated
49:46 - Cell alterations last for generations
59:26 - We need to get the EPA on board
01:00:45 - Buy organic

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Obesity II: Establishing Casual Links Between Chemical Exposures and Obesity

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