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Veröffentlicht auf 28 Oct 2019 / Im Film & Animation

Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker: NEW CONFIRMED FULL PLOT LEAK BREAKDOWN. Rey's Parents, How Emporer Palpatine Returns, The Ending And MORE!

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The Rise Of Skywalker Leaks
Ok so I’m just going to be going through the original leaks and talking about how the reshoots have changed the plot and what it means for the rest of the movie. I already have a full extensive breakdown of the leaked plot that we got earlier in the year but if you haven’t had a chance to watch that then don’t worry because we will be covering the majority of the plot points here as well as how they have changed.

These leaks come from Reddit user JediPaxis who pretty much detailed everything that was shown in earlier trailers before they even got released such as an evil C-3P0, the Knights Of Ren and so on, so I think it’s safe to say that the user at least has some inside information.

The Return Of Emporer Palpatine
Kylo at one point confronts Emporer Palpatine and is angered by the fact he has operated in the shadows, even threatening him at one point. He doesn’t refute that he died on the Death Star, but instead mocks Kylo Ren’s “Let the Past Die” ideas.

This is kinda JJ shutting down Rian Johnson I feel and Palpatine details that the past is the key to the future, talks about Rey’s past and the construction of the Sith Fleet at the start. He talks about how the Empire needs a ruler and that he is back to do it. We don’t really get much detail about how he returned but he is very weak physically and this ties into his process of regaining his power which I’ll get into later in the leak.

Rey’s Parents Explained
The ones that do make it away discover that Ochi was a Sith Assassin and that he wielded a Sith Dagger that has writing on it. Now we know this dagger is in the movie because we see Rey holding it at one point in the final trailer so we can guess that this is correct in the leak. Rey says that it’s a tradition for the Sith to write secrets on their weapons and C-3PO can apparently read this. He is unable to translate because his programming forbids but he overrides this in order to do it. This is why he had red eyes in the second trailer and why he also talks about not getting to look at his friends again in the more recent one.

The leak then says that we get details of Poe Dameron’s past in which he was a spice runner with Keri Rusell’s character, Zorii Bliss. She is now working with the resistance and hands over a First Order security medallion that allows them to gain access to ships in their fleet.

The Rise Of Skywalker Ending Explained
Together with the help of Kylo who has now embraced Ben Solo again and has a blue lightsabre that is said to be Anakin’s, the two are able to defeat Palpatine and end the Sith.

In the end, Lando and the reinforcements provided by Zorrii Bliss take the Sith Fleet on and Finn manages to trick the first order into turning their canons on themselves which destroys the fleet.

Having won the day, the survivors celebrate and this continues across the galaxy, similar to the end of Return Of The Jedi. The heroes return to Tattooine, where it all began and Rey has deconstructed both Luke and Anakins lightsabers and retooled them to make one that contains a yellow blade. Rey buries the leftover pieces at Lukes old home and she turns round to see her friends, a stranger asks who she is and why she’s come here, Rey answers by saying ‘Rey Skywalker’ and then the group all look off into the twin sunsets an...

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