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The Secret Star Wars Trilogy That Disney Rejected

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Kostja Baranow
Veröffentlicht auf 28 Oct 2019 / Im Film & Animation

George Lucas apparently had a lot of ideas that Disney didn’t end up using, and the latest Star Wars movies would have been VERY different had he still been at the helm! Subscribe to our channel:

George Lucas, creator of Star Wars and the brilliant mind behind the first six movies of the franchise, sold everything to Disney way back in 2012 for a couple BILLION dollars. Since then, Disney has decided to round out the whole story arc with three more films to wrap things up, much like Lucas planned on doing from the beginning. Only, Disney had they own plans on how to finish the saga, and once Lucas sold the rights to his creation, they were no long obligated to use his ideas. Which, to his dismay, they didn’t.

In this video, we’ll take a look at what things would have looked like had Lucas still been at the helm. Many of his ideas have leaked publicly since they were shot down by Disney, so we’ll break down what Lucas wanted to do and how that would have resonated with audiences.

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